An Open Capacity building Training on educational ICT Soft Skills for Educators in Tanzania.

Creative Commons Tanzania in collaboration with TUSOME initiative conducted an Online Open Capacity Building Training on educational ICT Soft Skills for Educators in Tanzania funded by CCGN Community Activities Funds(CAF).

Project Title:
TUSOME INITIATIVE: An Open Capacity Building Movement on ICT Soft Skills for Educators in Tanzania

Dates: 3rd – 12th June 2020

Project Description
The project aimed at building capacity on Educational ICT soft skills (Edu ICT) to enable educators to participate effectively in an online learning environment. The training equipped educators with the knowledge and skills (hands-on) in the following potential areas Open Educational Resources (OER) and Creative Commons licenses, Mobile Learning, Web 2.0 tools for educators, and Multimedia Presentation. Educators also gained the concepts on integrating OERs in teaching and learning, thus promoting sharing and collaboration among educators. A total of number of 28 educators were registered in WhatsApp group, for communication, networking and follow-up purposes and the training was conducted via a web-conferencing platform. However, 14 educators participated fully in this training and were awarded a digital certificate of participation.

Project Outcomes

The project had the following outcomes

  • Training of 14 educators on the Edu-ICT soft skills
  • Building a network of educators via WhatsApp group
  • Advocacy of OER and creative commons licenses to educators.

Project Implementation Team:

  • Emmanuel T. Malongo – Team Lead and CC Tanzania Representative to CCGN
  • Francis Mashalla – Facilitator and TUSOME Technical Lead
  • Aristarik Maro – Facilitator and CC Tanzania Public Lead
  • Fortunate Kayuni – TUSOME initiative team member
  • Abuu Mshamu – TUSOME initiative team member
  • Neemacalviner Augustine – TUSOME initiative team member


This event was made possible by the educators who registered and participated actively in online training session, TUSOME initiative team members, Creative Commons volunteers and CCGN Community Activities Funds(CC GN CAF) committee for this funding opportunity. This project brought an impact to educators and made CC Tanzania a great experience. It was noted the need for a further capacity building on Educational ICT soft skills to educators in Tanzania and Africa in general is vital.

Video Testimonials from Educators

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