Coding Camp Event for Children June 2019- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Creative Commons Tanzania organized a One Day Event Coding Camp for Children during School Holidays. The event took place on 29th June 2019 from 9:00am – 5:00pm. at the Open University of Tanzania(OUT).

The targeted age group was between the ages of 5 – 12 years. The event aimed at providing kids with an opportunity to learn coding and IT basic skills by giving them insights the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fast-changing technology works that would prepare them to develop their thinking skills in solving real-world problems that have an impact in their local communities.

Open University Tanzania Modern Computer Lab with Video conference facilities and 50 computers.

This event was a self-initiatives and cost-shared by parents/guardians, CC volunteers, and friends. We have a team of volunteer who agreed to offer their time, skills and efforts to facilitate the event free of charge. This spirit should be honored and praised.  Parents/Guardians are requested to contribute some little amount of money to cuter refreshments, certificates, and T-shirts.

The event took place at the Open University of Tanzania(OUT) who offered a free computer lab for the event. OUT is a founding institution of CC Tanzania Affiliate since its inception. The university has been potential to the CC activities in the country. Other institutions that supported the event were the Institute of Judicial Administration (IJA) Lushoto Tanzania, which has been on the forefront to support CC activities too. It’s worth mention the Law School of Tanzania for its support too on the event.

Children Holiday Coding Camp event was geared to our mission of promoting knowledge sharing to the young generation for the community development in the country. The focus was meant to bring together kids to not only share their computer skills but also to create and build technological confidence to them.

This is event was made possible by the parents of the kids who participated actively and 39 kids attended the event that made CC Tanzania a great experience. It was noted that the need for technology exposure to the kids is inevitable. There are potential knowledge and skills amongst our kids.

Kids with their certificates after the completion of Coding Camp for Kids

It is worth thanking the organizers of the events; Mr. Emmanuel Malongo (the CCGNC Representative), Aris Maro(Public Lead Tanzania Chapter), Abdulaziz Mnyengema(CC Member), Alice Mihayo (CC Member), Fortunate Kayuni (CC Member), Janeth Gwimile ( CC Member), Neema Calviner (CC Volunteer), and Abdul Chipaka (OUT Computer Technician) for their work.

Team of CC Volunteers who made Coding Camp for Kids event possible

It’s expected that the event will be on a regular and annual plan.

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